About Us

MyFarmInfo.com is an agriculture information system to help farmer maximize their income by providing them ways to increase their yield and help them get best price for their produce.

In the mandi section, farmers can find out the mandi prices for the nearby mandies. Farmers can also find the optimal mandi among all the nearby mandies where they can get the best price for their crop.

In the crop feasibility section, farmers can find the feasibility of growing any crop in their farm. Through this, farmer can grow the crop which will produce maximum yield and avoid growing crops that are not feasible for their area.

In crop management, farmers can find the probability of disease infestation in their crop. Sophisticated algorithms are used on last 10 year historical data to find disease probability for farmer's crop.
Forecast Advisory can be used by the farmer to get early warning of disease infestation so they can take proper measures to minimize loss.

In farm management, farmers can save their farm and its details by drawing their farm on top of GIS interface and entering the farm details. Once we have this information, we provide farmer wil optimum NPK application, nutrition information and optimal mandi for the crop.
Farmers can also use the crop scheduler to help them keep track of all stages of crop life cycle. Farmers will receive messages according to the schedule regarding upcoming crop stages. Forecast and disease alerts will also be sent through SMS.
Farmers can also use the Flood and wind risk pages to find the impact of flood and wind on their produce.